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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Finalist

Last week, I blogged about the 
and I really got at least 15 page views 
from this post everyday.
It made as the Most Popular Post
I had for the 3 months of blogging.
as of this moment, the post already got
311 Post Views.

So, I am really Thankful to that!
In return, Here are the
Finalist of
Mr. & Ms. Chinatown
Special Credit to Ms. Gitri San Diego

Mr. Chinatown Candidates are the Following:

Oliver Chen, Glenn Choa, Sydney Du, Gerald Magante, Miguel Lasala, Alvis Lim, Jaime Lim, Randy See, Bruce Sing, John Sy, Arthur Tan, Fredrick Tan, Jerome Tan, Sky Yang, Francis Yao, and JP Yap.

Ms. Chinatown Candidates are the Following:

Jerene Tan, Robylyn Kimberly Tan, Michelle Marie Sy, Rolini Lim Pineda, Jamie Chua Reyes, Lhowelle Lyka Tan, Sheryl Elaine Chua, Samantha Jade Dy, Maricon Cho, Hannah Dy, Frances Elaine Cham, Kimberly Nicole Ang Mas, Aeryka Chua, Catrina Myka De Guzman Ang, Catherine Yao and Anna Patricia Baesa Tan.

Among the 16 Candidates for Mr. and Ms. Chinatown each, I already
have my Top 5 for each
and here are they

Arranged from 1 to 5: Boys: Francis Yao, Sky Yang, Miguel Lasala, Jerome Tan and Sydney Du. Girls: Jerene Tan, Sheryl Chua, Michelle Sy, Hannah Dy, Rolini Pineda

 As a former officer of a Chinese-Filipino Organization in College, 
I should promote and help my fellow "Chinoys"
in promoting the culture and camaraderie
between the two nationalities.

Good Luck to everyone!

Live from the Newport Performing Arts Theater this Sunday, June 30, Mr & Ms Chinatown 2013 hosted by Xian Lim, Alex Gonzaga, Gretchen Ho and Enchong Dee airs on Sunday’s Best, exclusively on ABS-CBN.


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